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Bitlume is the premier live and on-demand streaming platform for professionally recorded sports, meet-ups, conferences and events.

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Create a dedicated channel, upload your brand logo and schedule for video shoot for your sports, events, meet ups, conferences or even your award ceremony. We will bring our professional equipment, record and live stream your event on your channel and upload the original recording to your channel for on-demand viewing. We deliver HD quality. Check it out for yourself

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We provide a range of communication tools to engage with your patrons, fans and followers. Invite contacts to subscribe to your channel. They will be notified of the live event streaming and the recent uploads on your channel. Engage with your followers via instant notification about your channel broadcast. Adopt this novel technology at an early phase of our development and contribute to the product evolution at a startup phase. We will take care of you and your followers, diligently. Try creating a dedicated channel. You won’t be disappointed.

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